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It is a subtle love exchange

Las Vegas Tantra Massage helps you build a connection with your inner sexuality. The Tantric massage is based on the learning of tantric sexuality. It is a classical massage technique, practiced between partners, far from modern spas and other classical massage centers. We will bring you the ancient technique in a modern setting without compromising its authenticity. It has a strong erotic character that makes it difficult – if not impossible – to find a perfect therapist.

It is practiced naked

The tantric massage is performed nude with no genital covers or towels. Hot oil is used by the massage girl.

Free-flowing movement movements are free

It has no set parameters, unlike other traditional techniques of massage. Sensual, enveloping and energizing, the Tantric massage consists of great movements of connections between all the parts of your body and touches on the 7 chakras (points of energy). 

Tantric massage creates a vibration of your inner energy

The movements of kneading, light pressure, and especially soft and slow movement of hands generates a special sensation. It is difficult to follow the strokes mentally. The soft hands of the massage girls will glide from your head to bottom. The idea is to introduce a sensual spell in your body, a vibration you never felt before.

The origin of tantric massage

As the name suggests, Tantric massage is one of the rituals taught in the tantras, esoteric sacred books that resulted in one of the forms of Hinduism. It is inspired by thousands of years of Chinese and Indian traditions.

It is a whole-body massage

The erogenous zones of your body are not excluded in this massage: the hands touch it regularly and slightly, but will not make you climax.

Unique release of emotions

Throughout the tantric massage, deep and natural breathing is essential. It offers a relaxing massaged, to unlock your emotions allowing you to access the beneficial sensations of touch.

It is a sensual massage

The Tantric massage is particularly sensual in nature. It has the first objective to build consciousness in your body, a unique control of the mind, far from the automatic gestures and behaviors of everyday life.

Tantric massage makes it possible to approach sexuality in a new way

These motions create motivation in men and women, awakening the vital forces as per the Tantric traditions. While the massage does not involve pure sexual intercourse, it can help circulate erotic energy in men and women. The massage will improve the sexual relationships between couples.

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