Winsome Wendy is as attractively appealing as her cute name. This beautiful twenty two years old always has a smile on her face and greets her clients in a friendly manner. She is sparkling, full of wit and fun, thus being a delight to be with. So it is always preferable that you book her services well in advance before rush season starts to enjoy a fun time with her.  Wendy is as appealing and fresh-faced as her name and always has a beautiful smile on her face. She is ready to please the clients in whichever way possible.

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Ruby is an exotic Asian escort working in Las Vegas. She is fresh-faced, youthful and all of twenty-two. She has supple and gentle curves which the clients would love to explore. Ruby is as exotic as her name and is more than eager to please the people she meets with. She can be tame and gentle as well as being unbridled and wild. The bottom line is that she is very sensual and sought after girl, as much for her talent as for her friendly nature. She has made a good name for herself among the client base.

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Daina is a pretty and exotic looking model escort based in Las Vegas and originally from Asia. This twenty two year old cute bunny looks attractive in which attire she may don.  She is a wonderful companion for the clients to spend time in Las Vegas city. She is a class apart from the regular escorts because she is educated and poised. She speaks English fluently with just a touch of her original accent, which is very pleasant to the ears. She knows Sin City well and can take you to the happening night spots for an enjoyable time.

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