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Asian Outcall MASSAGE

Given the option of having an amazing masseuse sent directly to their hotel room versus an expensive cab ride and a wild goose chase to find a legitimate massage featuring attractive massage girls for outcall service; most clients prefer the simplicity and convenience of outcall erotic massage. For one, the massage occurs in the privacy and comfort of your house or hotel room. Many clients find it unnerving or uncomfortable to be in a crowded space with other clients lined up to receive massage in the same room you're about to use. There's a lot to be said for the comfort, cleanliness, and overall relaxing atmosphere of your own room.

And also our clients who book our outcall masseuse don’t have to travel anywhere, our girls come to you. Massage suppose to be a relaxing experience, so you don't need get dressed, and travel across town only to get undressed and into a “house robe” to get a massage. We encourage our clients to stay relaxed and let out sexy professional massage girls show up and ensure your pleasurable, stress free, experience. Outcall massage is far more intimate. Any incall massage house is a hive of activity crowded with clients, managers, cleaning staff, and other peripheral staff. Outcall erotic massage is just you and your masseuse. This outcall environment allows for the best experience.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage originated in Japan and Nuru’s direct translation is “ slippery or wet”. The basic format of a Nuru massage is nude and lubricated with lotion or oil. The masseuse uses her entire body in a body on body full nude, full contact massage. This creates a totally different sensation than a massage where the masseuse is limited to only employing her hands and arms. The Nuru technique combines the channeling of energies and erogenous zones as in Tantric massage with full body contact and the sensation of a slippery / wet between your body and the masseuses. Having the masseuse slip and slide gentely and eroticly over your body awakens energies and senses. Ultimately this leads to a crest and ecstatic release while providing relaxation to every muscle in your body. Known the world over as a Japanese speciality, clients that book this one of a kind massage will soon know why the Japanese have had it better for centuries.


At its core Tantra massage revolves around awakening energy within the body including sexual energy. The person receiving the massage takes on the passive or submissive role and allows the masseuse to bring their energy up into a near crest and before climax bring the energy level back down. This processes is repeated several times within the span of the massage and creates waves of pleasure with crests and valleys before ultimate release. Its an eloquent dance between stimulation and relaxation and brings endless vibrations of pleasure through the whole body. The massage is conducted in a body to body format and totally nude. The masseuse makes use of her depth of knowledge of both pressure and pleasure points on the body to achieve the one of a kind sensation that Tantra massage creates.